Foreigners’ Experts s.c. offers a full range of consulting and relocation services for foreigners.

We are high-class specialists on migration issues, and are former employees of the state administration, dealing with foreigners affairs for more than 10 years. Today, to employ a foreigner, get a work permit or legalize your residence in Poland you do not need to spend time waiting in lines or studying intricate laws. We will help you in completing the applications, gathering the necessary documents and taking care of all the necessary formalities. We will accompany you and your employees in the submission of documents and during the official interviews, if they are required. We can also take care of your workers' families. We will deal with finding housing and schools for children as well as other issues related to employment or setting up a business.

Our long experience and thorough knowledge of migration law is the guarantee of providing you with optimal solutions and opportunities.

We ensure professionalism and reliability, as well as an individual approach to the customer and monitoring of the proceedings at every stage.

Using our services will help in the efficient and professional solving of your case.

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Our professional experience is related to the topic of migration in its theoretical and practical terms. We are former employees of the state administration and for over 10 years, we have dealt with the legalization of stay of foreigners, conducted proceedings on granting residence permits (temporary residence, permanent residence and long term residence of the EU) and on other matters related to the entry and stay of foreigners.​ We have participated in numerous courses, trainings and professional groups dealing with the subject of migration, as well as in a number of training courses and seminars organized by representatives of the Office for Foreigners and the Border Guard, which were directly related to the subjects of legalization of stay, migration and the integration of foreigners within society.

Acquired knowledge has been enriched by experience resulting from trainings and study tours, during which we have obtained valuable information from foreign experts in the field of migration management.

We are co-authors of the publication "Immigrants in Lesser Poland. Between integration, assimilation, separation, marginalization" - the first publication to show in such a broad manner the needs of foreigners living in the province. We also have knowledge of implementing the Schengen acquis into the Polish legal system, issues with integration and risks associated with the abuse of the right of stay and asylum in Poland and EU countries. We have participated in issuing opinions on drafts of legal acts (eg. the new act on foreigners).Our theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to the legalization of stay of foreigners have been deepened through the cooperation with institutions and organizations dealing with matters of migration and integration.

We believe that our experience and qualifications will help you in meeting your objectives and plans.


We invite you to work with us.

Tomasz Witkowski


Our services:

  • advisory services on migration issues,

  • relocation and accommodation in Poland,

  • consulting in foreigners’ affairs,

  • assistance in the preparation and analysis of documents and filling out applications,

  • cooperation with certified translators,

  • supervision of proceedings,

  • emergency assistance for workers and employers.

Aspazja Gadowska